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The requirements of HACCP provide control at all stages of food production, from production and storage to the sale of products - where there may be a dangerous situation.



Sunflower - a storehouse of well-digested high-calorie fats. Besides confectionery sunflower seed contains high amounts of protein, it also has great nutritional need. Value protein is determined by its composition. Biochemists different countries empirically proved that the protein of sunflower seeds on the amino acid composition of the perfect human body. Composition Protein - lysine, tryptophan, arginine, alanine. In addition to amino acids, sunflower protein contains a water-soluble vitamins: niacin - RR Thiamine - B1, biotin - B3, riboflavin - B2. Popular data products from the sunflower in Germany, Poland, the Baltic countries and the Netherlands.

Refined sunflower kernel confectionery


KANI company offers sunflower kernel Class and Class of its own production. Kernel manufacture of confectionary sunflower "vkusnuypirogek", "diamond", "Gourmet", "nut", "Lux". Thanks to modern equipment, finished products of very high quality, 99.8% clearance, special control system prevents the ingress of foreign particles in the product.

Features of our confectionery sunflower kernels:

Comprises 30-39% of vegetable fat, which provides a long shelf life - to 12 months.

Protein content 30%.

Kernel clean, homogeneous, with the smell and taste peculiar to the kernel of sunflower.

Humidity kernel is not more than 7%.

Ideal for use:

Ideal for use:

Sunflower seeds confectionery


The company "KANI" offers the perfect kernel of sunflower seed and calibrated its production. The kernel of sunflower manufacture of confectionery grade. Sunflower grows in the environmental and clean regions of Ukraine.

The advantages of our sunflower kernels and seeds confectionery:

- We calibrate the size of confectionary sunflower 38+, 40+, 42+

- Processing and use modern processing line.

- Seed and sunflower kernel passes control on hard metals, radiation, acid and base number, etc.

- Quality certificates and protocols SES, as well as tests certify the safety of the product.

Payment and delivery

Our company carries out the chalk-wholesale and wholesale supply of purified nuclei and calibration sunflower seeds in any region of Ukraine, CIS and other countries.

Packing: 40 kg polypropylene bags or paper bags of 25 kg.

Shipment of goods by trucks, cars and containers.

Payment and shipping terms negotiated individually with each customer.

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The company "KANI" - a unique venture for processing sunflower seeds. The company "KANI" has a good industrial base and its own storage room warm area over 4000 m2. The production base is equipped with modern production lines. Main areas: I have a sunflower seed treatment krupnoplodnogo; production of peeled (hulled) sunflower kernels. The company creates the necessary conditions for the quality of production in which the buyer gets a great and high-quality goods. The satisfaction of our customers is our main main task!


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